The Mourning.

The death of a nation. The dying gasp of a century-long conflict.

Every soul in Khorvaire who lived through the Last War, and even some who didn’t, remembers where they were on that fateful day, when the proud nation of Cyre ceased to exist and was replaced by the Mournland. It weighs on the Five Nations like a dead limb, a scar to remind all sides of the terrible price the war cost them.

Today Cyran refugees go through the motions of daily life, trying to find something to help ease that phantom pain of a homeland lost. Veterans who witnessed the event either find ways to dull the memory of the horrors they witnessed, or are drawn to the dead-gray mists which surround the Mournland in horrid fascination, walking into them to disappear from the face of Eberron forever.

Buried beneath it all, though, lies the most important question of the war: what caused the Mourning?

The truth that burns at the center of that secret will not remain hidden for long, though. Soon events will rise, both prophesied and wholly unexpected, which will threaten to expose it and plunge all of Eberron into war in the process.

Eberron: The Secrets of the Mournland